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What is an Orthodontic Toothbrush?

What is an orthodontic toothbrush?

An orthodontic toothbrush is a brush specialised for plaque removal around fixed orthodontic brackets and wires.
They use V-shaped bristles to remove plaque from braces and teeth.

Are there any special toothbrushes for braces?

Yes. Specialised toothbrushes are a must during orthodontic treatment. Since the treatment requires the use of bonding specialised brackets on to tooth surface, a regular toothbrush will not be able to brush around these areas.
This job will be taken care of by a brush designed specifically for such conditions.
1. CI ORTHO U ORTHODONTIC TOOTHBRUSH: It has U shaped bristles which help in scraping out the plaque around the braces.

2. PIERROT XTREME ORTHODONTIC TOOTHBRUSH: It has specially designed V-shaped bristles which help to clean your teeth around the braces.
Pierrot Xtreme Orthodontic Toothbrush
3. PIERROT CEPILLO DENTAL PRECISION MONOTIP ORTHODONTIC TOOTHBRUSH: Precisely engineered to clean hard to reach areas around braces and Implants
Pierrot Dental Precision Toothbrush
4. CI ONE TUFT MICLIN ORTHODONTIC TOOTHBRUSH: It cleans precisely in hard to reach places like implants, braces and hollows produced by extracted parts.
Ci-Medicals Micilin Tuft Toothbrush

Electric Sonic toothbrush vs Manual Toothbrush for braces

Electric toothbrushes are better comparatively to manual toothbrushes as studies have shown that electric sonic toothbrushes clean around the brackets and the wires where it is hard to reach.

What electric toothbrush is recommended for braces?

There are many in the market, but we at DentoXpert recommend

1. edel+white SONIC GENERATION 8 WINNER ELECTRIC SONIC TOOTHBRUSH: It uniquely combines mechanical and non-compact cleaning the surface of the teeth. A high frequency and an amplitude of 8° create high speed and a wide range of movement. The brush generates powerful currents of fluids within the mouth that push their way between teeth and beneath the gum line, washing away bacteria and residual food.
Sonic Generation Edel+White
WATERPIK WP-100E2 ULTRA DENTAL WATERJET with seven tips: This is a device which does both brushing and flossing. The water jet helps in cleaning around the braces and cleaning all the food particles after a meal.
It’s proven to be 3X effective for removing plaque around braces vs string floss using the orthodontic tip.
Waterpik WP 100E2

Are there Orthodontic toothbrushes for children who wear braces?

Yes, Children need to have toothbrushes where the toothbrush head is smaller than the one the adults would have. There are a few good toothbrushes for children. We at DentoXpert recommend
PIERROT ORTHO JUNIOR ORTHODONTIC TOOTHBRUSH for children with braces: A speciality Orthodontic toothbrush for children with braces. The V trim of the bristles helps to clean the teeth around the braces.
Pierrot Junior Orthodontic Toothbrush

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