Water Floss

Many patients avoid dental flossing as they find it cumbersome to do it every day or are just plain lazy. Water Floss also known as Oral Irrigators are effective hand held home oral care devices which run on batteries. The water floss contains a reservoir for water, a pump and the tip which has to be placed near the gums. The water floss sends out a pulsating stream/jet of water which flushes out all the debris, removes plaque and at the same time stimulates the gums. Water floss are known to improve gingival health as proved by many scientific studies. They have an added advantage in patients who wear orthodontic braces as the small tips can effectively cleanse in between the orthodontic wire and braces. Some Dentists also recommend using anti bacterial mouth washes in the reservoir along with the water to increase the effectiveness of Water Floss. So….What are you thinking? Just Jet… Set… Go….

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