Tongue Cleaners

Tongue is large, coarse and moist. It is teaming with millions of bacteria and is the likeliest source for having foul smell in the mouth. The surest way to prevent this is by having a clean tongue devoid of any coatings. Generally coated tongue is caused by build up of food remnants, dead bacteria, infections, prolonged medications of certain types and dead cells. Tongue cleaning is of paramount importance to prevent bad odour as many scientific studies have proved. Tongue scrapers are easy to use and can be used post brushing by gently pulling the scraper on the dorsum of your tongue from the back towards the front. Caution must be exercised not to apply firm pressure as it can harm the tongue and damage the sensitive taste buds. Also, pushing the tongue scraper way too back in the tongue can induce gag reflex and vomiting. Tongue brushes with rigid bristles are also available to clean your tongue. Get started to keep the foul smell away….

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