Mouth wash

Mouthwashes are to brushing and flossing what Robin is to Batman. They are the ideal sidekicks in maintaining oral hygiene. After all, who doesn’t like the feel of cool and fresh breath?!!! Mouth washes are to be used as adjuncts to tooth brushing and Flossing and not as substitutes. However, they may help you out in instances such as traveling when it is difficult to brush your teeth. Mouth washes actually have benefits apart from the fresh and cool feel they offer. They contain antiseptics, may prevent caries, remineralize your teeth, decrease teeth sensitivity and may even whiten your teeth depending on their composition. The prescription mouth washes are usually very potent anti-bacterial and are used post surgery or during hospitalization. They may be prescribed to control harmful build-up of bacteria in the mouth. Cosmetic mouth washes are generally used as masking agents to cover up foul smell and prevent decay. Choose a mouth wash that is least irritant to your sensitive mucosa if you are planning to use mouthwash for extended periods.

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