Mouth Guard

Nobody likes to have a broken tooth at the end of a football game. But kids are kids. They do their own thing. How then do we prevent them from having a broken tooth? Mouth guards or mouth protectors also known as Gum guards are simple devices that can be worn by the kids/adults while playing any contact sports or doing any of the activities like cycling, roller blades or skating . Mouth guards cover all the teeth and gums and cushion any impact of the hit /fall. They not only shield the teeth but also protect the jaws acting as a dampener. Certain kinds of mouth guards are also used to protect the teeth from deleterious effects of night grinding/Bruxing. There are special trays used in the mouth during teeth whitening/ bleaching as well. In the strict sense, although they are not mouth guards, they act as a barrier for the chemicals and guards the other soft tissues. There are wide varieties of mouth guards that range from the Boil & Bite kind of thermoplastic mouth protectors which offer lesser degree of comfort, protection and are bulky. The best ones are the custom made ones in which your Dentist makes an accurate dental impression and gets the mouth guard fabricated in a Dental Laboratory. They are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They offer excellent protection as well as comfort.

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