Electric Brushes

Powered toothbrushes are no more a novelty and are routinely visible in every super market rack and home. Powered brushes add a fun aspect to one of the most boring of chores which is also the most essential when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. Fun apart, electric brushes are as effective as the manual brushes if not more. They are especially useful in individuals lacking manual dexterity to effectively brush, elderly people, children with specialized needs or patients who need assisted brushing. Powered brushes also takes away the problem often seen that is overzealous brushing which may lead to damaged teeth and gums. There are electric brushes which are loaded with self dispensing tooth paste too…Think about it.. Powered brushes also motivates the person to brush for sufficient duration with the addition of timers. Powered brushes are here to stay….Now, go get one and try.

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