Chewing Gums

Chewing gum is no more a mere style statement. It has many benefits towards maintaining good oral health. But the catch is, the Gum you chew must be devoid of any sugar. Then what about the taste? You may argue. That’s where Xylitol comes into picture. Xylitol is natural plant based derivative which acts as a substitute for sugar. Chewing gums also help to increase stimulated saliva and thus enhance cleansing action. Chewing sugar free gum ups the anti-cariogenic potential. The various additives in different gums may offer varied benefits. Certain gums contain CPP-ACP complex which help in re-mineralisation of teeth. Some gums may contain Nicotine replacement and act as a tool for tobacco cessation. One thing is certain that almost all chewing gums contain mint or similar mouth freshening agents that help in giving a fresh feel to the mouth. Some people use gums to stay awake or increase concentration. One word of caution though…excessive chewing of gums may lead to TMJ disorders.

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