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What is Orthodontic Wax?

What is an ‘Orthodontic Wax’ or ‘dental wax’ or ‘tooth wax’ or ‘wax for braces’ ?

Orthodontic wax is a non-toxic wax made of natural substances like paraffin wax or beeswax. The wax for braces adheres around orthodontic wires and brackets to relieve irritated tissue and act as a barrier against rubbing.

How do you use wax for braces?

1. Brush your teeth
2. Wash your hands
3. Take a pea-sized amount of wax
4. Soften the wax by squeezing.
5. Roll it into a ball and place it on the sharp poking surface of the bracket/wire.

What happens if I swallow the dental wax accidentally?

It’s non-toxic so you need not worry.

Which is the best Orthodontic Wax in the market?

There are a few in the market, we at DentoXpert recommend
Piksters Wax

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