stim denture kit – Without Adhesive (Pack of 3)

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STIM denture kit ensures patient develops habit of taking proper care of dentures.

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Complete and compact denture kit. The STIM Denture Kit ensures that the patient develops the habit of taking proper care of dentures. Each STIM denture kit contains Clanden paste for denture cleaning, STIM denture brush and STIM denture bath.

How to use:
Remove denture from the mouth and brush with Clanden denture cleaning paste. After removing the denture, clean the surface that fits in the mouth (particularly the groove where gums fit in) with the longer tufts that are less in number. Clean other areas of the denture with the smaller tufts, which are more in number.

Clean dentures over a sink containing water, or over a towel, to avoid damage if dropped.

Excerpt: Dr. Dentaids.


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