Ci PRO Ag + (antibacterial) (M + ultra-tapered hair + round hair)




Made in Japan

  • Bristle with Ag+(silver ion), passed the antibacterial test conducted by a public institution(JIS).
  • PBT with low water absorption ensures more durability and last longer.
  • When bacteria adhered to Ag+ bristle, it is killed by Ag+ effect and toothbrush always keeps cleaned and deodorized.
  • Unlike a surface coating, Ag+ effect toothbrush is produced through a unique method that silver ion is kneaded directly into bristle and the effect of antibacterial lasts longer.
  • The tapered bristles remove plaque from a periodontal pocket.
    Total length:175㎜ Head:8×22㎜


Ci Medical (Made in Japan)

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