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STIM Proxa L is an “L” shaped angular interdental brushes, that reach up to the last molar. It is very convenient for the front as well back teeth. It comes with a cap to keep it hygienic. Please select the right size from the options: 0 for small gaps and 5 for large gaps between teeth or choose a multi-pack for assorted sizes.

How to use:
1. Take STIM Proxa L interdental brush.
2. Insert the brush gently between your teeth.
3. Do not force the brush into space, work it gently back and forth for a few times in push-pull motion.’
4. Never twist or turn the brush while it is inside the gap.
5. Wash interdental brush after use.

Stop using once bristles start fraying. Some initial bleeding may occur while brushing, but will generally resolve in about 10 days.





Stim, Dr. Dentaid

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